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Sunday, January 17, 2010
were you just kidding? my most play songs on iTunes! ♥
okay, hey guys!
i'm back, and i'm going to tell you my top 10 most played songs
on iTunes.
oh, by the way guys, this is on my sisters computer, and i don't listen to music quite so often.
10. i'm only me when i'm with you by taylor swift
9. hey stephan by taylor swift
8. he could be the one by hannah montana
7. you belong with me by taylor swift
6. tim mcgraw by taylor swift
5. forever and always by taylor swift
4. fearless by taylor swift
3. forever and always by taylor swift; lol
2. favorite girl by justin bieber
1. one time(my heart edition) by justin bieber! it has 7, turning into 8 in one morning! aww, i just love this verson! it's just so sweet! ♥
i'm going to post my top 10 every sunday, and you can see the changes. my most listened song is my song of the week! (:
much love,
Slid down the rainbow at 8:58 AM

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