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Sunday, January 17, 2010
I Bought Double by Mistake! :(
i was on iTunes, and i had enough money to buy 3 songs.
i was going to by one time(my heart), favorite girl, and one less lonely girl by justin bieber.
but the computer starting acting funny.
i bought one time(my heart)
then i went to buy favorite girl. and i bought that. that was when the computer started acting strange. and i ended up buying two!
so now i have 69 cents left, and 3 new songs. 2 different ones.
i'm just so mad at me.
but, i'm listing to one time(my heart editon) and i just can't help but smile. justin bieber is just so cute!
argh, why does justin have to be so cute, and have a cute voice. argh i'm so mad at myself that i can't be mad about this.
if anyone can help me, then please send me an e-mail at:
well, that's all for the moment.

p.s. justin bieber is officially on my favorite singers list. (:
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