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Tuesday, January 12, 2010
hello, bonjour, hola ♥
the name's alyssa
if you payed attention at the homepage
you would know
maybe you did
maybe you didn't
i don't know, i just hope that you did
well, welcome to my blog!
i shall talk about my daily life, likes, hates, and wants. (:
but i must say i did NOT make this layout.
so i cannot take the credit for it. but, i think it's really cute, do you?
well, let's see....
i like to make graphics, spend time on the computer, make tutorials, listen to music, watch tv/movies, spend time with my friends, and lots more. ♥
well, thanks for reading.
i might blog again later, but i don't know.
i have no school today, so i might.
much love,
alyssa -xo♥
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About the Girl
    Hey, I'm Alyssa. I'm from Canada, and I am the owner of this blog. music is a huge part of my life. some of my favorite singers are taylor swift, justin bieber(as of 1/17/10), miley cyrus,
    and demi lovato. i am 11 years old, and this blog is 100% mine. i edit the codeing, add my posts, and everything. don't let my age fool you.