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Saturday, January 16, 2010
good morning weekend!
i'm so glad it's the weekend.
this morning when i came downstairs, dad had eggs and bacon ready. (:
it was so yummy!
i would of posted earlier, but i forgot my password, so i had to get it.
well, my science fair is over.
but now i've got to start to work on my heritage fair. there always easier to figure out what to do, but you have to learn about it, memorize stuff about it, type it up, print if out, put it on your board and present it to the judges. and then if you get chosen by the judges, then you'll have to go to the next round. yea, it's pretty l o n g , and it takes a LOT more work then the science fair. i'm going to start this weekend, because i don't want to have to do it last minuet... unlike the science fair....
well, i don't really have any plans for today except for my project.
hope everyone has a good weekend!
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